6.Feb – { Kenneth Writes to Let Mark Busters Know the Deal }

Hello gang.

It’s me, your local Henny enthusiast – checking in to let you know how I did for the NFL season and for the SB.

I had moments that I wanted to crack.  I mean – is it really that serious?  You damn skippy it is…and to think that NOT watching the NFL is just a minor inconvenience.  Imagine not taking the bus when that was your main mode of transportation.  I would think that the negros of this day would not stand for such discomfort to their flow.  The blatant and apparent continued support of the NFL during these times really showed me what was up.

Is it really that serious?  You damn skippy it is.

If you ever found yourself asking that question, or never giving it any thought, then you my friend are apart of the problem.  One can’t even be considered to be an extremist by NOT watching pro-football.  Dare I say that I would barely be able to grab a lot of you if there were talks of an insurrection.

Is escaping that serious?…Massah treat us good.  *stares at you as I wonder how you got to the point of being a content slave

The Super Bowl came on – and I was a guest in someone’s home…everyone was watching the Super Bowl.  I quietly went to my room and turned the television on – CRIMINAL MINDS it is.  The SB came and went – and when it was over…I was proud.  That i stood some ground.  There is much more ground to be stood, there are more rallies to be had – and on THIS month BLACK HISTORY MONTH of all of the MONTHs, colored folk around the country tuned in, sat, and cheered…as if there isn’t some overt racist agenda being displayed right before our very eyes.

Cheer on.

People ask me about my football team.  I tell them that I don’t have one.  I don’t support the NFL.  They typically look at me like “oh he’s one of those”

You damn skippy I’m one of those, and ya mama stank.

  • Kenneth

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