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Creator – Kenneth: “Kennethology”

Synopsis:  Uhm….Hi, I’m Ken and I’m tall and I started this blog along with my viral show “This Was a Mistake” that i co-host with my buddy Drew – I basically write about whatever is weighing on the gray matter the most, so I would consider myself a variety writer….or an ‘attention deficit blogger’.

Bio: i am 34, lover of words, hiphop enthusiast, shopper, scared of cats, typical A-typer, enjoys a good glass of water (see pic above), basketball player, 90s RnB fanatic…favorite colour is green and sometimes i like to add the “u” in words that don’t need it.  I am also a writer working on my first book.  I’m an emcee working on the next hook (see what i did there?) – born in March and all the Aries guidance is true if you pay close attention to me. i am not mechanically inclined and i don’t build things, or put stuff together – instead i’ll give great interior decor advice….i am a great cook and an “ok” eater that has a lot on his mind…so this, my blog is my medium of sharing myself with you all – because im just that awesome

PS: I’m also a part time swag master.



Sydney Charles:  “Expensive Free Thought”

Synopsis: She will write what she wants, she cares not what Kenneth wants or thinks.

Bio: Chicago native, graduate of Northern Illinois University, lover of bacon, hater of blonde lacefront on blue black women…full-time actress of the theater (which means she is poor most of the time), foodie, and football enthusiast. She is doing this blogger thing because she is tired of people asking her to do so and she doesn’t like being told what to do. Shut UP..ugh! She wants to world to also know that she is a music and grammar Nazi (wait, is that appropriate? Can Nazi be said on this thing?) Oh well, get over it. Read my foolishness already. Sydney Charles website coming soon.



Tina Nagbare:  Social ?ues

Bio: Tina, the self-proclaimed “Sultana of Side-eye” doesn’t consider herself a writer – more like someone who’s good at translating her verbal rants into written form. Though she has strong opinions on most things, she’s incredibly awkward in person and you can mostly likely find her silently blogging on her Blackberry at various functions. Her most recognizable trait is sarcasm (it’s cute, people love it and you will learn to as well). She doesn’t like writing bios mainly because she believes no one reads them and therefore the activity is a waste of time. She is also known in some interweb circles as NaijaGirl. More words… more words… more words about me. ::end::


Most Likely To “Be The ONLY Person You Know Fiercely Loyal To Blackberry”

Voted Most Likely To “Be Yelled At By Ken for ‘late’ posts he never asked for”

Voted Most Likely To “Be Seen Throwing Shade at Ken in a comment section near you”

  hippie anarchist

Brandy: Hippie Anarchist

Synopsis: The bus is driven by what moves me to tears, to rage, to action, or to the blank page. Accept me as I am; I offer my soul.

Bio: Southern Cali born to an African American Veteran Marine and a Caucasian Tree-Hugger Nurse is the best way to segue into why Brandy Renea (pronounced Rah-Knee-Ah) is in this world living the one life… She will never scream YOLO, nothing of hers is on FLEEK, and she tries not to watch anything “touching” near an audience for fear of being moved to tears (seems legit). Although she is a U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Admin Tyrant and Traveler of the Globe, first and foremost she is a Thinker, Lover, and Hustler with a cause: Family is HER everything. College grad, current student, awesome sapio-sexual, multi-rights activist, speaker of funny, crazy truth!

Now off the bull… I will write what makes me happy in hopes of pleasing a small few but most certainly making all pause to think a little. My ADHD might fly off the page into your subconscious; open yourself to it. It won’t hurt, it might help, and I wish I was there to see you smile, nod or throw something. Kisses!

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