24.Sep – { In My Bed Crying….} with Brandy

hippie anarchist

~My sad, cold, corner of reality…~

If I’m being honest, I cry in the shower sometimes.  Often because I feel the burden & more frequently because I wish I felt it more, so I could channel it into some method of sincere change. Being of mixed heritage doesn’t put me on the fence… In most cases I am the fence; so I debate and attempt show people the other side.

I serve my country proudly because we are a force of constant evolution, usually in the right direction, and that’s the glue that binds me to my military family. I’ve been name called, told I’ve only done “well” because I’m a woman of color and most recently I’ve seen the stares, which made me scared because they do not see my service… They see my skin and big hair.

I do not want us to assimilate, I want us to cohabitate. I’m tired of being angry, judged, hurt & without hope… Can’t we all just admit that though all lives matter, that black lives have proven to be grossly undervalued & that needs to change?

I will say it loudly, I walk with black people
I am a black woman
I worry about my black family & friends
I support the uber vocals like Jesse Williams, Colin Kaepernick & Bill Maher (to name a few).

If I serve and I’m worried, can’t we admit there is an issue?

Don’t stomp on flags, don’t support anti-white, don’t stop apprehending or subduing “criminals”… Just stop shooting first, allowing harm to come to people of color while in custody, assuming folk of color are always “up to no good” and pushing the agenda that America was always great!

We used to sell people!!! That’s not great, but for a great long while it was Legal… Legal doesn’t mean Right! It was once Legal to beat your wife on the court steps on Sunday! Not RIGHT, but LEGAL! America used to allow girls as young as 12 marry older men! It was Legal, but wasn’t Right!

Start by asking yourself would all these things going on bother you if the were pristine white faces? Men, women and children who were not given a chance or choice to be detained, questioned, have trials or be sentenced?  Would you hurt then? If so, you don’t have to admit it to me, but best believe your heart known by he who is most high & I hope you find a way to live with yourself… Or at least have the opportunity not to perish like the ones on dash-cams!

~Hippie Anarchist

10.Aug – { An Open Letter to ALL Hearts } with Brandy

hippie anarchist

Family, as I sit here in front of this PC I am afraid, I have lost my way a few times since joining the blog squad and spent many nights writing without posting due to internal conflict. As you may know I am fundamentally predestined to be seen as an extrovert, but feel at my best when home alone, with my books and thoughts due to my Introvert-Cancerian-Hibernation loving nature. Any who, this may not touch you right where I would like, but if I may I would like to offer some advice on avoiding the confidence lacking, sorrowful rut that is opportunistically sitting near us all.

  • Your happiness is only dependent on you, make time for yourself, have inner dialogue and be decisive.
  • When people show you that you have to vie for their attention or affection, ask yourself why you want it? Why you are their option and not their choice? Move on smartly.
  • When you have the opportunity to express yourself in a forum with which you have real feelings, DO NOT clam up, make your claim and know that you spoke your truth.
  • Give of yourself only what you can afford to be indebted, do not give with the hopes of feeling, money or consideration being returned… Stay in the Positive!
  • If you feel that you are in need of space, take that shit, it is hard enough being available, but to forgo the chance to recharge hurts everyone.

I have felt so pissed with all the racially motivated and completely disgusting things going on in our country; felt so badly for the way that the POTUS is constantly bombarded with ignorant rhetoric; annoyed at the expenditure of love and devotion I have displayed to those I thought worthy, but felt like chum when laying down for the night… But I know I am not alone! Thank you for letting me spill my tea, offer my thoughts and wish you all a better day than those I have had since March this year. I plan to submit to my creative juices and share with you all even if it means “not so awesome” comments; either way I am fed!

Love & Light, H-Anarchist OUT!

2.Mar — { Black Like B }

hippie anarchist

Many times over the course of my 33 years on this Earth, my “Blackness” has been challenged!  I know that I look like a woman of color, but in moments of conversation-turned-debate where my opponent no more facts to support themselves, I am stripped of my “Black Card.” Oh, Black Card, you invisible piece of fiction, you wondrous argument-ender and judger of all those who do not toe the acceptable line of what it means to be Black.

So the truth is: Our Black may not be the same. I was not born pre-Civil Rights. I was born of a Caucasian Mother. But my Father was darker than new asphalt, and I am a PROUD BLACK WOMAN.  Does it bother you that I am 53.4% White (Thanks, 23&Me), but still able to feel Pride as though I have 100% African blood pulsing through me?  Does it bother you that I have found a way to be ME, while still showing respect to the woman who bore me and rejoicing in the sense of pride I feels in my “Black Experience”?  What is it that makes us want to thumb our noses at the idea that Diversity is the most basic of bricks that built this free world?  Let me know if you know, but I am at a loss for words to describe the moments in life where my heritage is called into question.  I cannot talk Black, I cannot walk Black, I will not explain how Black I am because my hair, my shape and my AWARENESS got the memo and my antagonists did not.

Oh, how lovely it would be to see more of my Father in my features, to bask in the glow that is chestnut skin and the scent of cocoa butter… But I am still Black.  Black like Malcom X, Black like Condoleezza Rice, Black like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Black like President Barack Obama, Black like Trayvon Martin, Black like Nikki Giovanni, and Black like Cassie Rae Bailey.

Our stories will not mirror each other, our moments of weakness will not measure the same, our skin will not tan identically under the sun, but we will ALL still struggle at the hands of people who want our self-identification to fall under the same school of thought that only a brown paper bag could solve.  

But you don’t hear me though…

17 Jan. – {The Lauded Life…}

hippie anarchist

Okay people. Fresh out the gate, I have to ask: what is your angle? We, the lovers of The Social Media Conglomerate, are starting to wonder… Why are you F#$&ing here? I love getting “likes”; I mean, who doesn’t? With that said, I am a bit of a worry-wart in that I see so many going nowhere fast and while I try not to judge, I get furious at all the naked, oozing, twerking, love-me-because-I-am incapable photos and vague posts on the net.

Select your poison, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and the list continues, but tell me again: What is your angle? I am on these sites to explore, to share with my family and friends and, yes, to sometimes give the public the idea that there is something going on in my world worth a “like.” But I also like things from others – I am a firm believer in supporting one another in the “Village” sense. So I am here online for community, which I have found, and I am happy – but why aren’t you?

WHAT IS YOUR ANGLE? You are half-naked soliciting likes, to then only call all the people from whom you garnered attention thirsty… You post your political rant with no prior knowledge or fact-check only to get angry when people trounce your ignorance… You ask for advice about your child only to get angry when people start with “stay your ass a home” or “quit letting grandma raise them.” For you to tell us that we don’t know you, your struggle and/or to mind our business!?!

Welp, “friends”, you are the part of the Lauded Life for which I don’t care. You want likes without realism, fame without achievement. And you draw attention away from things that deserved to be mentioned.

Let me help you. Read about and share thoughts on: Boko Haram, the current (and YES, we’ve established, BLACK) President’s positive US reforms, #BlackLivesMatter, and any other awesome human or inhumane act on or off American soil that doesn’t get the appropriate coverage because you are clogging the waves with your Butt-cheek isolation videos!

One: You heifers are talented. Two: You boys are exhibiting signs of dehydration. Three: Take time to learn before you cast a stone toward the opposition; there is much to learn before you choose a side. And lastly, Four: I think we should all focus a little more on using Social Media to be worth knowing and not solely to be well-known.