18.August – { Recipe: BOMB.COM BIRD }


have you ever been in a rush – and you needed to cook something quick?…well if you’re busy like the kenmeister general is on most days…then recipes like this come in handy.  I like to call this the “BOMB.COM BIRD” – NO, the chicken does not contain any ingredients that you would find in a bomb….but you will explode in pure, unfiltered emotions on how awesome the chicken tastes.

1.  Preheat the oven to 350.

2.  Take some chicken (who cares how much? I know i don’t)

3.  Season it with whatever season you like…just don’t over do it – but make sure you use some garlic powder…I would normally use freshly pressed garlic – but right now we don’t have time to be fancy. – so shut up and follow the instructions.

4.  GET SOME ITALIAN DRESSING! – pour as much as you want over the chicken…the more the better! (any left over salad dressing you may have – I highly advise that you use it for a salad…please don’t drink it.)

5.  Put it in the oven – get it out in an hour.

6.  Eat it with other stuff.

**please note – you can use a balsamic vinaigrette  as well**

…you’re welcome.

– Kenneth

13.Mar – { Good Food Hunting }




so – recently moved to escondido…love the east grove area…although most San Diegans would say I lived really far…I really don’t.  I love the fact there are so many stores and stuff with in frisbee throwing distance – but even with great stores and a lot of business around here, I have been severely disappointed in the food places I’ve gone to.

1.  Farmer Boys Burgers:   they served us what seemed to be vomit in a bread bowl with a burnt lid – and a salad that looked like they snatched it from the bottom of a lawn mower that was cutting a yard that filled with nasty salad ingredients — FIRED!

2.   Star House:  Walked into this quaint chinese food joint and the older lady that worked there basically escorted me to the counter.  Her customer service and willingness was cool – but that doesn’t justify having enough hair in my food for me to sow a lace-front together while I’m eating… – – NO, I SHAN’T

3.  Alberto’s:   The beef inside my burrito was of a consistency unlike any meat that I had seen – but…because I’m stupid, i ate it…hunger will do that – i think it was either zombie meat or New Zealand human meat…i got food poisoning and hated life for 7 whole days – –  I WAS NOT PREPARED.

so….yeah – im kind of over these establishments out here.

6.Jan – { Paleo Challenge }



My buddy Mike challenged me to try this  Paleo diet for 30 days…so I’m about to start this venture and see where it takes me – hopefully it will assist (along with a good physical training regiment) with destroying the saturn ring around my mid-section.  The graphic above gives you the likeness of the diet but not the fullness – to learn more about this ‘way of life’ eating – visit www.nomnompaleo.com – >>>>>

unfortunately you will have to suffer through update pix from the sexy man himself…

have a nice evening –

– *kenneth


10.Sep – { Ken on Cooking } Tex-Mex Corn from Korn *ELOTES*


Ladies and Gents – just wanted to share this cooking joint with you….

I was in a creative mood the other day and recalled a conversation I was having with a friend that affectionately call “Korn” – and he’s a TexMex guy so he threw out some story about how he would just demolish corn that was prepared a certain way….I called him while creating art in the kitchen and asked him for the recipe and he shared it – so I share it with you in hopes that you try it and enjoy…..thanks Korn!

  • Mayo
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Chili Powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Mix in a bowl – cut the corn from the cob (i had already boiled it), and then put in skillet – place the mixture in the with the corn on a high temp – fry it enough where the parmesan melts…

Put in bowl


Then mentally thank Korn for the corn.

Hope you enjoy – godspeed…

– Kenneth

17.July – { recipe } Bradley’s Brown Sugar Brisket

I would make a video and show you all how to do it – but it’s sooooo simple that I feel like I would be insulting what little intelligence you have. (yeah – that just happened)

All you need is:  Brisket (trimmed) / EVOO / Rosemary / Pepper and of course BROWN SUGAR!!!

****Rub the brisket down with the EVOO and then season it with pepper and rosemary – then coat it in brown sugar…one, nice coating.

***Then place in slow-cooker on low – depending on how your slow cooker works and what the settings are – put it on the lowest setting and let that baby cook!

**You’ll know it’s done when you can take 2 forks and shred the brisket – – add a little BBQ sauce of your choice – not too much though you don’t want the sauce to be the boss – but you want it to accent this masterpiece.

*then commence your pigging out – slobbering at the table, and thinking about me the whole time.

*If you try this quick and easy recipe and like – please hit me up and let me know what you think!

– Ken

28.May – Chicken Noodle Soup for the Busy

Ok movers-n-shakers!

Here’s a recipe that will put you to sleep right where you sit.  Every single time I make this the rhythmic sounds of snoring fill the air – seemingly orchestrated by a composer.  Now the key to this cheating recipe is to go ahead and purchase a rotisserie chicken from your local friendly grocery store – that’ll save you a lot of time…although taking your time and picking all of the meat off of the bones can prove nerve-wrecking for those like me that contend with A.D.D!

All you need is the following:

3 – Chicken Bouillon cubes / 1 Rotisserie Chicken / Carrots (chopped) / Celery (chopped) / Sage / Thyme / 2 Bay Leaves / Basil / Fresh crushed Garlic / Sea Salt / Black Pepper / Butter Noodles / Butter / Baking Powder / Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (yes, I know)

1. Put a little water in a pot…when the water starts to boil drop your cubes in there.

2. Add more water once dissolved and then add your butter.

3. Add your veggies (carrots and celery) – and also add all of your seasonings, add your bay leaves as well – season to your taste – I prefer robust flavor – the soup needs to speak for itself – Dig me?

4. Now add all of that chicken that you’ve pulled from the bone – try not to do what I do and eat the chicken…lol one day I was so hungry i made a chicken sandwich on the side 

5. Let the soup come to a slow boil – taste it! – add more seasoning if you have to –

6. Add the butter noodles – let it cook for about 10 more minutes and then add a pinch of baking powder to thicken the broth

7. Eat – …..make sure you get enough Hawaiian Sweet rolls –

8. Sleep –

9. wake up and email me to tell me if you liked it or not –

***you will notice I did not give measurements – i don’t cook using them – because I’m the man.

Chef Ken