6.April – { When the Felines Leave the Stores }



Hello all,

I’m writing in regards to the summer months – they are nigh, and I am in great fear that we will continue to have a problem with a dense population of cheetahs, leopards and panthers – in the form of clothing print. – Humans built like hungry hippos disguising themselves as a sleek cats will be at an epic high…and no one will be safe.  This faux-pas will continue to reign in the project streets near you and find itself in this hottest of clubs – right along side the “oh so original” dude rocking camo-pants, Jordans, a random shirt and a Bulls hat (you mark busters ain’t Bulls fans, STOP!).

I encourage all poachers to help decrease the populous by nicely asking them to change clothes when you see them  in public.

This horrendous pandemic – of people thinking they’re cool when they do this will continue until we unite as a peoples front and take a stand against merchants and consumers alike – and when the felines leave the stores…this country will be a better place.  The streets will be safer and humans will be humans again – this trend is now laid to rest…by me.

you’re welcome

– Kenneth

6.April – { Why I Won’t Let Lebron Be Great }




Yeah, Lebron decides to rock this hat after he takes an “L” – Sir…you should not be “Happy” – or making fashion statements after you did not get the last shot (because the world knows you’re not clutch) – and after you don’t get the last shot…you lose.  You have the nerve to walk in to the locker room and don this hat.  Here’s 3 reasons why you should never do this again

1.  Even as fashionably eclectic as Pharrell is – he still barely pulled this off – and he likes to push the envelope…now I know your edge-up is ever-fading…but this hat does not stop that from happening.

2.  I am seriously afraid for Lebron’s life – a bear will one day mistake him for a park ranger that harasses him – and he will get his face ripped clean smoove off – so this is more of a health concern than anything.

3.  NO!

Stick to the hoops man….

and then there’s Dwyane Union


bruh. i will not even start


Jan.4 – { Fashion ::: DigitalGravel }



I have always been known to be of the eclectic  type when i dress – I really don’t do norms…my shoes may be the freshest – and then they may be a bit worn – I think matching is sheepish and materials only need to blend with your attitude …and I have been thinking and dressing like this for about 12 years now…..I used to live in Japan, and the clothes out there weren’t friendly to those that were standing as tall as i was… so I ventured on to the inter web and found this site that I have been using for years to wear things you wouldn’t see the average cat rocking ‘ – this slick rick shirt you see posted above will be in my closet soon – – *slowly smiles…



24.Dec – { Unveiling le Ratchets }



This goes out to the sophisti-ratchets that don’t think they are of the lowly breed of woman that exude extremely high levels of pure stank.  Whether it’s bragging on the liabilities that plague your progression from your current section ocho state – or the tangerine colored extensions that get caught in your lip piercings (which look like metalicized mouth herpes btw)….I’m going to need you to go ahead and categorize yourself appropriately and police each other in the way of social media.

Far too long have we sat back and viewed your attempt at the english language with words that are infused with numbers replacing letters – and status’ and tweets with you soliciting for the support of the most nonsensical and absurd statements.  Your Wet Seal zeal make you look sticky as you parade about rocking the “original” leopard print leggings rapping the lyrics to the latest song which is more than likely talking about you ….

i need you to chill – America needs you to chill – and ignore the phone call from your dread-locked boo who is probably wearing truckfit/camos and retro-grade Jordans…ignore the call – sit in a corner and think about your life….



30.Sep – { Going Custom } with Ken


Hello all,

I’m sure you’ve read my take on style and fashion – and if not…then you should go back through the “Ken on Fashion” archives to really get a look at my stance on what’s dope and what’s not…All of this because I’ve crowned myself a subject matter expert on all things fashionable.  I mean…you have to admit – especially if you’ve seen me galavanting about in my eccentric articles of clothing that rarely match, patterns that fight each other and simple bold statements….to me, it truly is me inaudibly screaming to the world – “I have personality!”

I’m taking another hard turn…and this turn is against or combined with designer touch…depending on my mood for that day.  This turn is “going custom” – more custom made shirts – limited boutique visits and designs that come from my mind that speak to people.  If you’re reading this and cannot relate to one iota of it, then you probably are sitting there with ketchup stained JNCO jeans and a FUBU 05 jersey.  If this is the case then either take heed to my advice, or leave this site at once.  A lot of you envision yourself looking a certain way – and even more if you are concerned what others think when you dress.  I am always more concerned if someone else will look like me, so the idea to have something that is one of one is exhilirating.  I guess step one would be to find a dope tailor and seamstress and start adding even more definition to what Valmore looks like.

What do you really want to look like?  If you were to design something from scratch…even if it were the color and message on a shirt – what would it be, and what would it say? – Are you strong enough to “Go Custom” –

21.June – Confidence is the new Black

In an era seemingly hard-laced with bold and unjust combinations.  One would have to ask (considering they have no sense of fashion) “What are the rules today?” – To that question I would proudly proclaim “whatever you deem them to be.” I personally set my own rules as far as what I don before leaving home.  And my honest guest concerning others that leave home with that rebel swag is that they wear what they wear and match it with confidence.

Nothing more sexy than someone knowing that they’re sexy – knowing they look nice – and this knowledge they have is intrinsic – divorced from outside influence they smile in the mirror as they put on something that represents them…my clothes speak for me – – – which is why in most cases I’ll deliver the subtle eyebrow raise instead of words when someone speaks. Arrogance? – nah baby…this is 33 years of fighting to be happy with who i am in my skin – and who i am in my clothes.

Were you with me when i was rockin’ the salvation army get-up and the holes in the soles of my shoes? When I get roasted for not matching or having the name brand apparel? No? – – then you definitely weren’t there with me when i decided that public opinion of a personal statement would no longer rest on my shoulders… and that I am ok – with what I have ….and what i wear….and what i wear, i wear in confidence

confidence is the new black

wear it boldly

– ken

23.May – Dope, Fresh & Cold Bustin’



For some reason I have always felt like the 80s & 90s had the bestest (yes bestest) of everything.  Topping the list of the bestest things besides Hip-Hop would be clothing.  I know that now-a-days the youngins rock “snapbacks” and follow the likes of Tyga and Big Sean and think that they have stumbled upon something dope. Well I come from an era where we just called them hats – and even before they came back you could catch your boy rocking some fresh 90s era NCAA hat (that of course snapped).  If you were to watch my video “My Story” (over in the vLog) section of the my site  – you would notice that I’m rocking a vintage Karl Kani sweatshirt that would make PAC himself proud! All I need now is a a denim jacket with the jeans to match that only Cross Colour’s could deliver.  To me… to dress vintage is more of a state of mind than anything – sometimes I feel like I embody what it means to be in C.M.B and walk proudly through the streets yelling “yes I am” even though no one asked me if I was my brother’s keeper.

Now I wouldn’t normally do this and actually I like to keep certain things secret – but there is a vintage boutique in Canada that sells all of the glorious apparel that I speak of – and this store is called “F as in Frank Vintage” – please go there and support and tell others about it that share the same acquired taste of a FAB 5 FREDDY – and in no time I will be hi-fiving others that sport cazals, M.C.M (making cash money), and Malcolm X hats!


Ken a.k.a Rocksteady B