7.Dec – { Short Movie Review: “Out of the Furnace” }



well….well…well –

I decide to tag along with my friend Eric to see this movie – we had just eaten at Ballast Point in Little Italy (get the Calamari if you ever go) – sat there and did some people watching in this feeding ground for hipsters and made our way to the theatre.  Since up until this point I had never heard of the movie – I only expected to see Christian Bale be a bad-arse…i mean because in the movie poster he has a freakin gun…

Well….well….well…to my surprise he wakes up to Zoe Saldana, encounters Woody Harrelson, has conflict with Forrest Whittaker – is siblings with Casey Affleck  that has a weird business relationship with William Defoe – “WHAT THE WHAT?” – this is a star studded cast of people that I like to see act (sans Casey).

All in all – I think what happened was Leonardo DiCaprio found this script, made some phone calls to some people so that they can do some amazing acting, in a pretty …”meh” storyline.  I mean to me the acting was so good – I had to watch, and not mind that this anti-climactic peek into the humanity of Bales’s character was the true thrust of the film.

After the movie Eric and I stood outside of the theatre and gave it two thumbs up – Eric also educated me on the fact that Jason Williams & Randy Moss were from the area this movie was based on – – interested non-important point for the sports heads.

Go see it.


– Ken

20.Oct { Carrie } – Short Movie Review

carrie lead

Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore…

Their presence make the movie tolerable.  The difficulty in remaking a movie (and in this case a horror classic) is not deviating from what was – although you can’t beef up the story line of revenge and turn it into something that it is not, you can add to it with updated technologies….which they did a very good job of.  I left the theatre with an overall “meh” feeling – but that does not take away from the great job that I think Julianne and Chloe did.

I think there’s a bit of overkill in the area of bullying to make it theatrical – but I do think that what bullies should leave this movie believing is that…if you mess around with an extremely introverted telepathic kid – they might destroy your life…literally.  I guess sans telepathy, we have seen horrific times in this day in age when kids were fed up – and did the unspeakable.

The ending is the only thing about this movie that was “asi-asi” ….often (pronounced offen) times movie makers will struggle in capstoning classics – it felt rushed and weak.

All that being said -I’d still recommend grabbing a friend and spending $1000 at your local theatre to revisit Carrie and her story.

– Ken

19.Oct – The Viewing of David Chappelle



…..so, I was surprised with some really good seats to see dave chappelle last night at spreckles theatre, here in San Diego (thanks mel).  The whole day I was moist with anticipation to witness one of the greats return from hibernation.

– here i am….fourth row…hot as ever and in comes dave cheppelle..smoking a cigarette and looking like he had a lot to talk about.

bottom line up front:  HE WAS BRILLIANT – if you have the chance to go and see him…please do – you won’t be disappointed.  My highlight of the evening was like the last 45 mins of the show where he does what I like to call “freestyle comedy” – he let the crowd scream stuff at him – and he made jokes right off the top off the head…he’s just naturally hilarious.


4.Sep – Lee Daniel’s: The Butler (Short Movie Review)



I’ll keep this short, simple and to the point –

The timeline from the jump had me raising questions concerning the validity of this “true story” – – but I decided to overlook that and really get deep into the multiple story lines that ran through this movie.  I’m not going to lie…seeing Oprah act again was exciting, she did an excellent job and I was glad to see her on the silver screen.  However…..Terrance Howard is one of two actors that I loathe (the other being Cuba Jr., who surprisingly did a great job in this film).  The story of reconciliation, racial tension, the woes of relationship – and the fleecing of blacks in this country were told very well.

I will admit this – anyone that goes to this movie and allows the thrust of this film (being progression) to sink in, will be moved emotionally by the time the credits roll.  I highly encourage all of the white people to go see it – just because i think it’ll be good for you to be reminded of something that we’re told to forget.

I’ll leave you with this (no spoiler alert needed) – at the beginning of the movie the young butler was advised by an older black man to have two faces…his regular one….and the one he had to put on for the white man so that he will be well received.  If this statement doesn’t ring as truth to every black in America then I must be hyper-sensitive to such things.  I was advised the same thing when I was younger by my father – and because of this…

well…white people like me.






go see the movie –

– kenneth

19.Aug – World War Zzzzzzzzzz

Brad Pitt……why

The movie lacked a certain gore factor that should be present in any and every zombie movie…I felt like I was watching PBS’ take on a zombie flick – I will admit though…the airplane scene was a little exciting…I didn’t think anything could be more awesome than snakes on a m&^%$$!! plane, but I think zombies might have trumped Sammy L’s plane scenario.  It’s as if they attempted to make a zombie movie that wasn’t scary…heresy.

Bottom line is…(i would write more but there isn’t much to be said about this movie)

If you haven’t seem this movie then I recommend that you do something different like get your toenails removed – or….perhaps have a hot dog eating contest by yourself.

– Ken


7.July – “Out of the Shadows” – an insider’s review

A couple of weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to be an extra in a play – a play that I had vested interest in of course knowing very closely one of the actresses (moon) and the playwrite/director as well. I had been to several rehearsals in a support capacity – to either interview the director and cast or to drop-off or pick-up something here and there.  After I was offered the chance to be among this great number of brilliant people – I had to view the production on another level – i had to….in my own way (even as small as it was) – take ownership of my own little portion and help bring this story to life.

In short and brief dealings with the director – not knowing her, one would say that she directs with an iron fist, that also happens to be covered with “shards of glass” – on the outside looking in, one would question how anyone would subject themselves to her quick quips and colorful direction…but the actors and actresses know the deal, they see the drive in her to bring the best out of them – and as much as humanly possible, strive to meet her standard of excellence.  This cast of comedians, young actresses (there was 15 year old amongst us), first timers (myself included) , and great artists that have been doing this for years – fostered an environment of passion and follow-through that became infectious.

The only negative points i have about the play was how unprepared and unhelpful the staff at Garfield Theatre was. The lighting, curtains and timing were off at crucial times and drastically effected the montage flow that the director envisioned. Even with them constantly missing the mark and keeping the directors blood boiling off-stage – the production still delivered the overall message and intent of the story.

Passion, pain and drama is what this play is about – it speaks to reconciliation, stable relationships, faith, mental abuse, health issues, and being unapologetically you – I was woke up this morning thinking (and viewing my life through the lens of the play) “When I came out of my shadows, who was there with me?” and “What other things have me hidden in secret shadows?” – the play leaves an introspective taste in your mouth. As much as I would like to break the play down, and discuss characters and storyline – I’ll be very careful in not doing so – I want  you to see for yourself.

I, only being apart of this “family” for a couple of weeks – felt the bittersweet and somber mood when the play was over. Kudos for the performance, and all frowns for that light feeling in your belly that it was now over.  Now to look forward to future dates being booked for “Out of the Shadows” – and getting that text message, or e-mail from Lagayle Marie saying basically “Ken you’re the man, and I need you for the play, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE” – in which i would reply with “of course 🙂 – anything for you”

– Ken AKA David the drug dealer/orgy leader