15.Aug – { Words to Welcome Chaos }


Written from a hole. Cramped in a shell…I have to pour these words somewhere in order to create more room for chaos.

The numbness that is typically reserved for those deserving, has spread to others and without intention.  A recognized need for self-care and mental and emotional attention is before me…but knowing the mud, blood,  and filth that awaits in the journey of healing – combined with a deep falling in order to climb back up is not something to look forward to.  But to climb out of this hole, and be able to look down into it…with the worms, dark secrets and pieces of self would be a major summit in a minor life.

The reclusiveness that is reserved for blunt trauma is upon me, as a cold wet blanket and as much as i want to talk and reach out, i want to be left alone to lay.  In my walking coma.  Amongst others.  Smiling.  The darkness that is growing that I try to kill with matches, burn my fingers.  The soft scent of smoke comforts me as something familiar and finite.  I want to get lost in music…in heavy bass-lines and mood-shifting chord progressions.  No one has played the music I long to hear.  No one has spoken the words i long to hear.

Written from a hole, deep in my sole.  Cramped in a shell.  I have poured words here.  And now more chaos is here.

  • Kenneth

20.July – { The Blacklight: Tanaé Briana – Artist }


Meet Tanaé Briana, an artist that I met in the wonderful world of the innanets.  I saw some of her work online and decided to ask about her business, and how much it would cost to get some original work done around my mansion (and I use that word loosely).  She was very professional, and passionately knowledgeable about her craft.  So much so, that she compelled me to do a piece on her to showcase some of her artwork and to give you all the chance to support her business as well.  I asked her if I could do a short interview and she was more than willing…please enjoy!


Located: Chicago
Relevant Background Info: 22 years old, been drawing for 2.5 years, specialize in portraits, color pencils are my favorite medium.
K:  How long have you been doing this?
Tanaé:  I’ve been doing art for 2.5 years and selling it for about 2 years now.
K: Who are your inspirations / What is your inspiration?
Tanaé:  What inspires me to draw is simply people. I have a thing with faces. I’ve always been able to notice the small details in people’s features. And when I see a defined nose or big, round eyes or full lips, I have to draw it! Artists who inspired me to try color were Elle Wills, Heather Rooney, and Manasseh Johnson. 
K.  What made you go into the “business” of art?
Tanaé:  I’ve always been artistic and I’ve always been a hustler, even before I started drawing. I’m big on using my talents to make money. When I discovered that people really liked my work and I started getting requests for drawings, I knew that turning my art into my business would be a thing. Everyone ones to be able to make a living doing something they love. Art is a commission-based job, but it’s also something you can spend less than $50 on for materials and create something worth thousands.
K.  Tell us about your business and why people should come to you to get that work?
Tanaé:  I currently sell photo prints and canvas prints of my original work, as well as the originals. They’re all on sale at my website http://iamtanae.tictail.com. I also allow people to commission portrait drawings from me, which can range from $125-300 depending on the size and medium. Commissions can be requested by emailing tanaebrianab@gmail.com. People should come to me for work because I’m me! All of my clients and online supporters know me as a sweet but professional business woman who provides quality work for a fair price. I will always try my hardest to work with people. My art speaks for itself. Even if I’m incapable of doing what a client requests, I’ll recommend an artist who is more suited for the job. I always meet my deadline and I always get compliments on my exceptional work ethic.
K.  Any advice you can give aspiring artists/entreprenuers?

1. Practice consistently. I know everyone says “practice makes perfect” about everything, but I promise it’s true when it comes to drawing. I used to get so discouraged with my drawings when I first started because I couldn’t get it to look realistic the way I wanted and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I didn’t start to improve until I drew every single day. 

2. Be patient. I mean, you can’t be impatient anyway when it comes to art because you’re only gonna end up frustrated and mad at yourself, but especially when it comes to drawing. Don’t expect to become the world’s best drawer in just a week. Just keep working at it and you’ll notice your work getting better and better.

3. Don’t compare yourself. You’re a beginner, you’re not gonna be as skilled as artists who have been doing it for years. You might learn as fast, you might take a little longer. Allow yourself to develop at your own pace. Don’t give up 🙂

4. Promote, promote, promote! You are your biggest fan. Don’t be concerned about annoying people by promoting yourself. That is how you get exposure. You can get creative with it by doing giveaways and contests on social media. Do whatever you can to get your name and your work out there!


Work by Tanaé Briana

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image4 (2)

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5.July – { Ken’s Honest Attempt at Fatherhood }



It’s been awhile since I’ve written in this lane.  Doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a crap-load of things to discuss regarding the rockheads (Josiah & Josh) – there just weren’t any moments that moved me to write, until the other day.

To those that don’t know…I currently work states away.  So my direct parenting has had to  take a different face.  That being said, I’ve missed an entire year of school, accomplishments, and points of maturation.  The other day I had the opportunity to see my son Josiah’s artwork…i was BLOWN AWAY! The best way I could describe it was abstract symmetry with splashes of Jean Michel Basquiat.  The people that were around me, didn’t understand my reference points…so I began to point out some pretty exacting points in Josiah’s work, then I brought up Basquiat’s work…the similarities were striking.  I mean the kid is eight! And he’s already a traveling dancer, pop-locking and breakdeancing throughout the west coast.  Has a natural flow for music, his comedic timing and wit is awesome and now this?  How does one properly parent him?  Now this is not to sell Josh short at all, because anything Josiah does, Josh emulates with his own twist…he’s just a couple of years behind JoJo.  I’ve already been in discussion at great length to get them in a school of performing arts – because this conventional education system makes my son feel dumb.  And if anyone has been around him, you’d know that is NOT the case.

Now as any proud father would do, I’m going to share some of his work, and the comparative pieces of Jean-Michel – and tell me what you think

– Growing Father

Jean Michel




He said this was inspired by Afrika.