20.July – { The Blacklight: Tanaé Briana – Artist }


Meet Tanaé Briana, an artist that I met in the wonderful world of the innanets.  I saw some of her work online and decided to ask about her business, and how much it would cost to get some original work done around my mansion (and I use that word loosely).  She was very professional, and passionately knowledgeable about her craft.  So much so, that she compelled me to do a piece on her to showcase some of her artwork and to give you all the chance to support her business as well.  I asked her if I could do a short interview and she was more than willing…please enjoy!


Located: Chicago
Relevant Background Info: 22 years old, been drawing for 2.5 years, specialize in portraits, color pencils are my favorite medium.
K:  How long have you been doing this?
Tanaé:  I’ve been doing art for 2.5 years and selling it for about 2 years now.
K: Who are your inspirations / What is your inspiration?
Tanaé:  What inspires me to draw is simply people. I have a thing with faces. I’ve always been able to notice the small details in people’s features. And when I see a defined nose or big, round eyes or full lips, I have to draw it! Artists who inspired me to try color were Elle Wills, Heather Rooney, and Manasseh Johnson. 
K.  What made you go into the “business” of art?
Tanaé:  I’ve always been artistic and I’ve always been a hustler, even before I started drawing. I’m big on using my talents to make money. When I discovered that people really liked my work and I started getting requests for drawings, I knew that turning my art into my business would be a thing. Everyone ones to be able to make a living doing something they love. Art is a commission-based job, but it’s also something you can spend less than $50 on for materials and create something worth thousands.
K.  Tell us about your business and why people should come to you to get that work?
Tanaé:  I currently sell photo prints and canvas prints of my original work, as well as the originals. They’re all on sale at my website http://iamtanae.tictail.com. I also allow people to commission portrait drawings from me, which can range from $125-300 depending on the size and medium. Commissions can be requested by emailing tanaebrianab@gmail.com. People should come to me for work because I’m me! All of my clients and online supporters know me as a sweet but professional business woman who provides quality work for a fair price. I will always try my hardest to work with people. My art speaks for itself. Even if I’m incapable of doing what a client requests, I’ll recommend an artist who is more suited for the job. I always meet my deadline and I always get compliments on my exceptional work ethic.
K.  Any advice you can give aspiring artists/entreprenuers?

1. Practice consistently. I know everyone says “practice makes perfect” about everything, but I promise it’s true when it comes to drawing. I used to get so discouraged with my drawings when I first started because I couldn’t get it to look realistic the way I wanted and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I didn’t start to improve until I drew every single day. 

2. Be patient. I mean, you can’t be impatient anyway when it comes to art because you’re only gonna end up frustrated and mad at yourself, but especially when it comes to drawing. Don’t expect to become the world’s best drawer in just a week. Just keep working at it and you’ll notice your work getting better and better.

3. Don’t compare yourself. You’re a beginner, you’re not gonna be as skilled as artists who have been doing it for years. You might learn as fast, you might take a little longer. Allow yourself to develop at your own pace. Don’t give up 🙂

4. Promote, promote, promote! You are your biggest fan. Don’t be concerned about annoying people by promoting yourself. That is how you get exposure. You can get creative with it by doing giveaways and contests on social media. Do whatever you can to get your name and your work out there!


Work by Tanaé Briana

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28.June – { Bougie Ratchet Manifesto: White Lines in Black Sand }


Good evening to those that are reading this now – and if you’re late and reading it at a time that does not rest in the bosom of the evening…then either wait to read in the the evening…or put on some shades.

It has been awhile since any writer for kennethology has written/submitted anything for the blog.  I have not been hard pressed to request anything either.  There have been times when I’ve made slight mention of wanting someone to submit something, but sense I hadn’t been writing anything…i just left it alone.

This was really because… as it pertains to social media, we were pouring out to the masses regarding all of the racial injustice and unrest nationally/internationally.  It was just too exhausting.  One of the things that became increasingly lame was having to repeat ourselves in the way of educating a huge demographic of whites that were completely clueless on terms and social behaviors that are backed by statistical data and personal experience.  We are well-versed because it matters to us.  They typically don’t know because it only affects them when we (the blacks) are accusatory to the power-holders in this country….then and only then do they want to chime in…and typically they’re shooting from the hip – and they’re shooting blanks at that.


While talking to Tina the other day we came up with a good idea!- the kennethology team will do our due diligence in adding a tab to address “FWRs” (frequent white responses) – so when people are poppin’ off at the mouth, we can just link them, let them catch up to a minimal level of knowledge so that we can at least have a decent conversation regarding race in America.  This tab will include frequently used terms like:  racism, prejudice (there’s a difference), micro aggressions, marginalization, cultural appropriation, gentrification, and prison industrial complex.

As much as i would hope this would help others become more knowledgeable…in the end I have little to no hope that anyone would read it and become enlightened.  More often than not, they’ll read in order to manufacture a rebuttal – but at the end of the day, at least we don’t have to re-type everything…because at this point I’m standing at the finest of lines.  This line separates the ken you’ve known, and a descendant of Seales and Newton.

This fine line created in black sand with with the white sand of an hour glass.

***don’t ask me what that last line means, it just sounded dope when i said it in my head***

– Kenneth