21.Nov – { Dear White People }



The movie opened in select theaters nationwide on the 17th of October.  I had been anticipating its release since social media got ahold of it, and inspired #dearwhitepeople tags on things blacks would point out that was either racist, or annoying that white people did.  We haven’t had anything like this since Spike in the 90s – this to me was going to be “School Daze” meets “Higher Learning” (i know “Higher” was not a Spike joint too btw).

I got back to Washington – found 1 of the 3 places it was showing in Seattle..and got there early.  After getting my popcorn and glass of Malbec (#78 of things bougie blacks love: wine in movie theaters), I found my seat in a very…very empty theatre…like, i was the only person in there…good thing 3 of my friends showed up to watch it, because it was only us 4 in there….period.

The movie got underway – it was filmed very well.  The cinematic layout and timing was great.  They slowly brought us into the narrative and then began to leak sub-plots.  The inner-conflict that some of the characters were dealing with were displayed well.  Tessa Thompson became one of my favorites, and I hope to see her in more movies.  Whether it was her being Huey Newton’s first seed, or dealing with her relationship issues..she sold whatever she wanted, and i bought all of it.

Dear White People was a movie that needed to be made.  It touched base on the modern racial-America.  And if nothing else, would serve as a good place to start conversations on race, prejudice and tolerance.  My boy that saw the movie weeks prior to me seeing it said that white people were actually getting up and leaving the theatre.  I don’t really know what to say about that – because by the end of it, the movies laces were tied pretty well….and it spoke more to harmony than anything.

– Kenneth Seales