23.Sep – { Wondaland’s EEPHUS Blessing and the Reign of the Electric Lady }


Janelle Monae is better than you.  I felt the need to start this post with making sure you knew that.  And that’s not subjective, that’s just fact.

I was blessed with the chance to go see Wondaland during their EEPHUS tour – I caught the Portland leg (thanks Mia).  Friends knowing people that manage Janelle kind of gets you out of long lines and into VIP with the quickness – and trust me when I tell you that was a blessing because I got off of work and hit the road for a 3 hour drive south to go have my soul fed…and bruh, they brought a buffet.

So I’m sitting in the VIP section and le drink is flowing and the DJ is killing it, playing everything from Electric Relaxation by TCQ to Fetty Wap yodeling “1738” – the energy in the crowd was amazing.  Then it happened, the lights went down and a group of people came on the stage.  We all started screaming and then we heard someone destroying a guitar, this person was none other than Roman GianArthur – they opened the show with a PRINCE cover and everyone in the venue was given an extra-life like we were on Super Mario Bros or something.  During this concert Janelle showcased her band of talent:

  • Roman GianArthur: I truly believe this humble young man was born out of era, but we thank music-jesus that he’s here with us.  His set made me feel like i was a former share-cropper in a juke-joint sippin moonshine that Ezel made from beyond the creek.


  • Deep Cotton: Is lovely rock with eccentric soul ..they had me completely charged with their presence and I’m looking forward to their album…


  • St. Beauty: These 2 are so gifted – the neo-soul vibe exuded them, but it wasn’t the typical neo sound…very free flowing and chill…i felt like i should have been sipping some malbec while listening to them… “we aint goin nowhere!” (love that song)

  • Jidenna:  DO I REALLY NEED TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS LANKY LIGHT-SKINNEDED HOMIE? The message in his music and his presence just makes people happy…love this dude!  He destroyed the concert…

This cast of superheroes is the hottest thing going right now…period.

I want to take a minute to talk about how Wondaland came to Portland and hit the streets and rallied against police brutality and the murder of blacks in America – THEN put on a FREE concert.  That’s right, the EEPHUS tour was a FREE tour…they just filled the venues to capacity and only turned away those that wouldn’t fit in safely.  So…Janelle got her squad together, toured the US for free and also used their platform to speak against social injustice? JANELLE MONAE is better than BEY, she better than RiRi and if you don’t agree then you can shut up and get off of my blog…right nah.

This woman came out wearing her usual black and white, with an outfit that covered everything to her neck, and with grace, she destroyed her set.  My favorite part about the concert was while Deep Cotton was performing a song featuring Jidenna, from the angle I was sitting – I could see Janelle backstage, she walked right to the curtain and stood there with the biggest smile on her face, purely enjoying her artists do what they love.  True artistry.  That evening I became a HUGE Janelle stan and I don’t care what anyone says about it.  I will continue to dance in the most carefree manner to “Electric Lady” in the mornings or when I’m feeling down.  The night ended with them performing what I believe is this generation’s “we shall overcome” – they performed “HELL YOU TALMBOUT” – that was singularly one of the most electrifying moments in my 35 years of living.  My sister and fellow Kennethology blogger, Sydney Charles called me after she attended the concert and tried to convey to me all of the emotion and excitement she had..i heard her, but didn’t really get it.  After attending myself – i get it.  And if you missed it…SORRY –  YOU SUCK…