15.Mar – { An Emcee on Emcees }



As of late, I have been compelled to listen to either a lot of 90s RnB, or earlier rap.  This is not a “school v. school” piece where I rant about the lack of depth and/or skill set of today’s artists.  Truth be told (as I would normally tell) the young cats today actually have a lot of “go” on the mic.  The cadences and delivery aren’t so predictable that I can’t tolerate it, unless it’s a MIGOS type flow – but…something is missing, and I can’t put my finger on it. The rappers that do get frequent rotation usually fade into musical obscurity as it pertains to what I see as relevant or moving.  Often times they become really annoying and I just can’t deal with them anymore.

This happened with Mr. Folarin a couple of years back when he signed with MMG but hopefully his next “nothing” album is reminiscent of the old DC, heart-wrenching rapper that I grew to love to listen to.  Which brings me to the latest person that I can’t seem to WANT to listen to anymore – Mr. Lamar.  My thing with him is namely his “respectability politics” stance and how it is falsely portrayed in his rhymes combined with my petty hipster attitude to want to move on because everyone raves about him any time he does anything – but no one is listening to what he’s actually saying.  This sheepish waltz to the new school tune usually leaves me standing as a wallflower, shaking my head in the same manner I would after listening to OG MACO……YOU WAS RIGHT!!!!!!

(OG Maco pictured below)


Now….J. Cole has been the one that has consistently poured his soul into his music, and you can hear it.  He speaks truth from the heart and you can tell he loves what he does.  If it was purely about the fame and money he would’ve made some different choices to get him off of the B-LIST but he has remained true.  On his born sinner album, his song “Let Nas Down” literally left my mouth open.  And when Nasir responded, I had to pull my car over and take it all in.  It touched my emotion as an artist.  I could only imagine how Cole felt when he heard Nas respond to him.  THAT IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT.  These other songs leave me with a feeling…especially drake – but I usually don’t feel like a CIS when I listen to his music.  Makes me question my entire existence.

So if you’re wondering who I think is on top with the new kids?