8.June – Arrested Development

so – I….like most of the weird people that started watching Arrested Development years ago and have been in extreme anticipation for the NETFLIX exclusive Season 4 ….started watching…and its a bit lackluster. The episodes aren’t that memorable and i think that the only reason that I’m into it is because I’m so familiar with the characters and their development. The other thing that keeps me watching is the fact that Kristen Wiig is on the show (some), the fabulous “Workaholics” made a cameo and Ron Howard is actually on the show – which is just funny considering his narration and role in the show.

Tobias Funke – my fav character is still just as delusional as before, GOB is still dumb – and Michael’s sarcasm is just…..the best. ┬áSo even though not many shows stand out like previous seasons…the characters themselves drive the show and keep me watching.