28.Nov – { Psycho Adjacent }


I’m not crazy….I’m more like “Psycho Adjacent”

Seemingly always sitting on the proverbial fence of sanity is exhilarating.  Who’s going to summon the inner Dexter today?  No, no…I’m not a serial killer…in it’s literal sense.  I’m more like a precision assassin with my words.  Words that all too often do more than just injure….words that kill.  Words that are the pure antithesis to life-giving.  When I feel myself teetering to the side of tranquility someone or something keeps me on the fence.  When I feel myself being pulled by the gravity of instability…the measure of God that is within me, keeps me balanced.  Usually I’m one snide remark away melting someones emotions…especially in this season where race matters are heightened.  I don’t know how long you’ve been reading “Kennethology” but even prior to Ferguson, I’ve been one to talk about and discuss the fallacy  of “post-racial” America, and keep people abreast of actual datum, while attempting to not be subjective due to subject-matter.

I never knew how sensitive I was regarding injustice – until recent happenings have brought me to real tears.  Until recent happenings have made me realize that I’m psycho adjacent.  Recent happenings have brought me to a point of prayer for guidance regarding my part, and role in all of this.  This is well beyond social media posts…my call to action has been made….and I’m answering it.  If you’re interested – shoot me an email.  Serious inquiries only.

Let progression begin.

– Kenneth